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About wetlook fetishism

Wetlook is the enjoyment of a person or people wearing wet clothing. It can also refer to the act of getting wet while wearing clothes, and having fun either in doing so or in watching others do it. To many, it is a sexual fetish, where pleasure is derived from observation of wet-clothed persons as well as getting wet oneself, but other people enjoy getting wet themselves for entirely non-sexual reasons.
A wet fetishism is a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes aroused when substances are deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin, or to the clothes people are wearing.

Many people enjoy the way wet clothing looks when molded to the body, as well as the way the clothing feels against the body when wet. Also, light colored clothing goes transparent when wet that many people find appealing and sexy. The clothing also has a sheen to them when wet as well as change color when wet.
Wetlook is often considered to be borne out of the idea that wearing clothes while swimming or bathing is forbidden, improper, or nonconformist. Those who enjoy wetlook report discovering their enjoyment at an early age, as young as five years old. Usually happening from having a wetlook experience themselves, from observing someone else getting wet or getting wet themselves. Those enjoying wetlook do so in different ways - some enjoy the act of getting wet, while others enjoy remaining wet. Some enjoy getting wet slowly, while others like the surprise.
It can also refer to clothing that is shiny in appearance and thus is termed 'wet-look'.